Fish Oil 18/12 500ml

Fish Oil 18/12 500ml


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The Omega-3 oils in fish have been shown to have a number of additional health benefits. Of these the most obvious is the maintenance of a healthy heart. Other favourable cardiovascular effects include maintaining healthy triglyceride levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the fish oil processed?

Fish oils are processed using state of the art refrigeration and preservation methods. The fresh fish are rapidly processed to remove the body oils by steam distillation and further processed by vacuum separation of the low boiling toxins and filtration to provide a standard uniformity of 18% EPA and 12% DHA. Melrose Omega 18/12 Fish Oil is derived from four varieties of Arctic and north Atlantic deep water fish: salmon, menhaden, cod and mackerel. Fish Oil has higher concentrations of EPA and DHA than Cod Liver Oil.

Unlike Cod Liver Oil, Fish Oil is obtained from the body of the fish, excluding the liver.

Has it been checked for contaminants?

Because the sea is the eventual recipient of toxins, it is necessary to do routine tests. Modern processing methods and the processing of smaller fish have kept both mercury and PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) at less than 0.2ppm.


Key benefits of 18/12 Fish Oil:

* It is useful for the temporary relief of the pain of Arthritis.
* Helps to reduce joint inflammation and swelling and
* increase joint mobility associated with Arthritis
* Helps maintain a healthy heart, healthy cholesterol and
* healthy triglyceride levels
* Because 18/12 Fish Oil does not contain Vitamin A it is
* recommended during pregnancy
* For patients seeking a higher dose of EPA and DHA than
* Cod Liver Oil without Vitamin A and D.


For anti-inflammatory effect:

10mL daily or as directed by a health practitioner

For cardiovascular effect:

5mL daily or as directed by a health practitioner.

Children: 5ml daily

Ingredients per 10ml
EPA 1630mg
DHA 1080mg
Lemon/Lime oil 170mg
d alpha tocopherol acetate 40mg

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